“Show Us How You Broke Your Phone” Video Contest

Create a video showing how you broke your phone. The video with the most likes wins this brand new

16GB iPad Mini!

Video entries ends March 7, so get your entry in now!

Vote for your favorite video March 8-30.

Winner will be chosen March 31!



We have created an easy to follow list of what’s required here.


Videos can be watched on the  Bob Knows Phones YouTube Channel.


Ever have one of those days when nothing seems to be going right?


Boy do we know about those …  We here at Bob Knows Phones have fixed thousands of phones that were the result of “one of those days”.  Like …

  • Trying to get your keys out of your pocket …  WHOOPS
  • Or kicking it with your best girl on the dance floor… CRACK

Sometimes life just doesn’t go as planned.  Because we are a cell phone repair business, we want to see your videos on how you broke your phone!


 You could win an iPad Mini!


How to enter:

    1. Film a re-enactment of how your broke your phone – full creative freedom granted. In fact, the funnier the better! (phone not required to actually break during the video)
    2. Read the rules by clicking here.
    3. Video file size can’t be larger than 300mb and no longer than 60 seconds. – For more information on video formats, check out our list below.
    4. One entry per person
    5. Give your video a title and then upload your masterpiece to We Transfer  – Don’t forget to enter our email address – bkpcontest@gmail.com.
    6. All entries must be open and rights released to Bob Knows Phones to reprint or use in promotions for the store.  If you don’t release the rights, your entry will not be valid.
    7. Shoot us an email with the title of your video at the same address to alert us of your upload.  In the email make sure you let us know that you have read and understand that your video is open for Bob Knows Phones to use in promotional or other types of media to promote the company.  All entries into the contest will be considered an implied consent on the person or persons who created the video for the contest.
    8. Once we verify that it doesn’t violate any of the rules and regulations, we will upload it to our YouTube channel.
    9. After, we will send the link to your approved video via email.
    10. Share this link with all of your friends and family.  The video with the most “likes” wins.  So, get busy telling all of your friends to vote for your video!

All videos can be viewed on the Bob Knows Phones YouTube.


Reminder:  The video with the most likes wins!


Not savvy with video? There are more ways to enter….

For those who are not as video savvy, no worries!  We are going to enter every person who votes for a video into a giveaway for a $50 gift card.  That’s right!  You don’t have to create a video to participate.  You could win cold hard cash just for voting!  Bob Knows Phones YouTube. So start your voting now!

Housekeeping – Every contest must have rules, so here are ours:

PLEASE no objectionable content or nudity (even if it broke while on the toilet) and try not to use language that would make your mother wash your mouth out with soap.  This is a family friendly site, let’s not educate the little ones before their time.

      • One entry per person.
      • Videos can’t be larger than 300mb and no longer than 60 sec.
      • This contest is open to all ages in the United States only.
      • Any language, either verbal or written, must be in English.
      • No logos, branding, or trademarks unless they are your own.
      • All entries into the contest will be considered an implied consent to these terms and conditions of the contest from the person or persons who created the video for the contest.

Rights for all music, images, video footage and other content must be either originally produced by the person uploading the contest entry, or proper permissions must be authorized by the copyright owner. Proper permissions must include the right for the contest entry up-loader to use the content in a commercial venture. Likewise, it is the responsibility of the contest entry up-loader to ensure that all permissions are in place for use of actors’ and/or models’ likenesses.

Accepted video formats:

    • WebM files – Vp8 video codec and Vorbis Audio codecs
    • .MPEG4, 3GPP and MOV files – Typically supporting h264, mpeg4 video codecs and AAC audio codec
    • .AVI – Many cameras output this format – typically the video codec is MJPEG and audio is PCM
    • .MPEGPS – Typically supporting MPEG2 video codec and MP2 audio
    • .WMV
    • .FLV – Adobe-FLV1 video codec, MP3 audio