Recycle Cell Phones and Mobile Devices with Bob Knows Phones

In an effort to be kind to the earth, Bob has hand selected resources and programs for recycling your old cell phones or mobile devices.


We have partnered with Cell Phones for Soldiers.  We are an official electronic recycling drop off location in Atlanta and Buckhead.  As a part of their program, we collect recyclable electronics to send to their headquarters for recycling.  They receive money from the recycling of the devices then turn around a purchase calling cards to be sent to soldiers overseas.  These calling cards keep our soldiers in touch with their families while they are serving our country.

Cell Phones for Soldiers is a non profit organization that is dedicated to providing free communication options to active military members and veterans.  The organization was founded by two young children, aged 12 and 13.  The program was created as way to serve veterans while they were on active duty overseas.  They wanted to help them stay connected with the families they left behind.

Since 2004, they have provided over 181 million minutes in talk time.  Each week they mail approximately 12,000 calling cards to veterans.  From the foundation of success of this program, they have been able to launch other programs to benefit soldiers and their families.  You can read more about this program on their website. 

We are proud to be a partner with Cell Phones For Soldiers!  Drop off your used mobile devices for recycling at any of our locations in Georgia.

Other Electronics Recycling Options:

For anyone not close to a Bob Knows Phones retail location, we recommend the following recycling programs:

  1.  – Recycle My Cell Phone is a grassroots campaign that seeks to educate consumers about the impacts of their purchases, beginning with the extraction of raw materials through the end of product life.
  2. EARTHWORKS, an environmental non-profit organization has teamed up with CollectiveGood, a leader in responsible cell phone recycling, to either refurbish or recycle your old cell phone using the highest environmental and social standards.

We are inviting others to participate and benefit from the campaign to achieve a critical mass and significantly increase the rate of cell phone recycling—to date, the industry and other collection campaigns combined have recycled less than 2% of retired cell phones.

Bob encourages you to do your part and Recycle!