Mail Bob Your Busted Smart Phone!

He’ll Mail It Right Back – All Fixed-Up and Shiny

Why bother programming your GPS to Bob’s Atlanta location? Your phone GPS doesn’t work, anyway. Keep your thumbs in pristine shape for Facebook updates – and mail us your smart phone instead. Save time and gas, too – those things aren’t cheap… unlike Bob Knows Phones™ fees – more than reasonable.

You get the same fast, meticulous repair whether you schlep in to Bob Knows Phones™ repair lab — or use our Mail-In Repair Service. And, you still have the 30-day limited guarantee.

S-so…How Does It Work, Exactly?

Easy. Just follow these steps:

Cell Phone Repair Mail-In Step 1 We repair A LOT of smart phones. Probably all of them. Honestly, we lose count every time we try to total up all the makes and models we know how to fix.

Cell Phone Repair Mail-In 2Print Bob Knows Phones™ mail-in form with Bob’s address (PDF). Your printer still works, right?

Cell Phone Repair Mail-In 3Fill out the form and mail your phone to us here in Atlanta. Yep, by hand. Yep, you do have to put your busted phone in an envelope, address it to Bob and drop it off at your favorite mail carrier. Whew, we are exhausted just from typing that.

Ship your phone to:
Attn: Bob
Bob Knows Phones™
2221 Peachtree Rd, NW# R
Atlanta, GA 30309-1106

We need the whole thing: phone, battery and battery cover. Keep the extras, though: cases, headphones, etc.

Tracking: It’s none of our business, but we recommend that you use a shipper with tracking. You’ll sleep better.

Oh, and — no data recovery is promised in conjunction with any hardware repair. Back up your data before sending us your phone. (In fact, back it up regularly).

What Happens After Bob Receives Your Phone?

Your repair evaluation is free. When we get your phone, we’ll examine and open it up and call you to discuss the repair, give you the total – and then, if we’re cool, charge your credit card while you are on the phone. You can thank your mother later for talking you into keeping that land line. Oh, and make sure the number you give us to call you isn’t the number for the phone we’re holding in our hand.

Then, your phone is fixed and shipped back to you within 24 hours, usually that very day. (More on that below.)

A couple of words on water damage. And by water we mean beer, coffee, herbal infusion – whatever liquid you dunked your precious little device in. If we see any indication of liquid damage, we will tell you so during the estimate call. We’ll also charge you a non-refundable $50 fee + $10 for the return shipping. But rest easy: If cleaning and drying your phone solves the problem, there will be no additional charge, just the $50+$10. If more work needs to be done, we’ll deduct the $50 from the total. (We do try to save you money.)

Ready to send Bob your phone?

Cell Phone Repair Mail-in Form

How Bob Ships Your Repaired Phone Back to You

You already know how to ship your busted phone to Bob. Or did you skip the previous section?

Now, Bob is a stickler for doing it right, so when he mails your fixed-up and shiny phone back, you get an email with a tracking number. And Bob gets an email from the carrier when they deliver the phone to you.

Again, we don’t want to tell you how to live your life, but when you ship your phone to us, be like Bob: Use a carrier with tracking and delivery confirmation. You can even use an errand boy. Bob’s wife sends him out to get her stuff all the time.

You tell us how you want your phone shipped to you. Regular delivery with verification is $10. If you want next-day delivery with verification, tell us. To clarify, “next-day delivery with verification” means we ship it within 24 hours, usually the same day.

You get a confirmation email when we ship it. We get a confirmation email when you get it. Get it?

Ready to send Bob your phone?

Cell Phone Repair Mail-in Form

Guarantee, Etc.

We want you to be happy. So Bob Knows Phones™ guarantees its repairs for 30 days, not counting shipping days. That means that if your phone sputters within 30 days from the date you got it back from us, we’ll fix it again at no charge.

Water-damaged phones are not covered by the guarantee. If your phone has water damage, sorry: Water is tricky substance, so any repair complicated by water damage can result in a loss of functionality.

This next part is pretty obvious: Any new damage done to the phone is not covered by this guarantee, and neither is the damage beyond the original fee charged for the repair. Bob Knows Phones™ is not responsible for phones shipped to our location until we receive them. Return shipping must be paid to get your phone back, whether you ask us to fix it or not. Any phone that is not returned due to lack of payment for repair or shipping will be recycled.

And, Hey:

If you stumble during any of these steps – call us. We’re at 678-298-3191 during the same hours you’re at the office – plus weekends.

So, Are You Finally Ready to Ship Your Phone to Bob?

Cell Phone Repair Mail-in Form

and expect a phone call from us shortly! We’ll get your beloved phone back in shape in no time.