iPad 4 Repair

The iPad 4 is just as powerful as all of the other models. The big differences, however, do come in the upgraded retina display and the nice cameras included.

The wifi connection in the iPad 4 is amazingly fast and quick. Just like all Apple products.  We at Bob Knows Phones understand this latest model of iPad, we stay in touch with all of the upgrades and newest products.  We want to be your trust resource for all repairs on all things mobile.  .

We really should be called Bob Knows, because we work on all types of mobile devices.  When you boil everything down, they really aren’t much different from each other.  The only major difference is making sure we understand each manufacturers style and functions.  Therefore we are able to handle all of your Apple products – phones, iPads, iPods and even iTouch.

If your iPad 4 ever breaks down, you know that we can help you. This item from Apple takes the usage of iPad’s to a brand new level. The iPad 4 is one of the most popular models in this generation.  Of course, with that popularity and power comes investment.  We can help you protect your investment, call us today for any repairs you might need.

Forgot to take your iPad 4 off the roof of your car before pulling out?  HORROR!  No worries! 

We can fix up the back panels, the broken cameras, broken screens, and anything else that you may break.

In the Atltanta area Bob Knows Phones™ is a quick drive away.

Not in Atlanta?  No problem, we can handle all locations with our speedy mail-in service!

Experiencing any of these symptoms with your iPad 4:

  • All black or white screen
  • LCD glass is cracked or shattered
  • Volume or power button not functioning properly
  • Speaker or headphone jack issues
  • Broken camera lens

“What’s it cost?”

At Bob Knows Phones™, we offer a price match guarantee, because we know we can save you up to 80% off of what those other guys charge.  With our guarantee, you can’t go wrong by choosing us.  All of our repairs are backed by a 30 day guarantee.

For the latest pricing and our Price Match Guarantee, please call us at 678-298-3191.

“How do I know I will be satisfied?”

iPad Repair GuaranteeYou get our iron-clad iPad 4 repair guarantee. We want you to be happy and to tell all of your friends about us. Bob Knows Phones™ guarantees all repairs for 30 days, but you are on your own if you shower with your iPad.  We DON’T want to know about it. If  within 30 days you experience any issues, we’ll fix it again, free.*


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* Water-damage is not covered by the iPad 4 repair guarantee. Water is tricky stuff, so any repair complicated by water damage can result in a loss of functionality. Any new damage is not covered by the guarantee, and neither is the damage beyond the original fee charged for the repair.