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iPad Repair

iPad Repair

When the iPad first came out, Jon Stewart made a crack on his show. “iPad,” he said, “is just like iPhone, except bigger, and you can’t make phone calls on it.”

Hah! Now that’s our kinda humor.

Jon was being funny, but he had a point: iPad really is similar to iPhone, from a technical standpoint. Which for us at Bob Knows Phones™ , an Atlanta based iPad repair shop, is a big plus!

See, we already know how to repair iPhones. Fix them every day at our Buckhead and Alpharetta shops.  Now that folks carry around their iPads – and drop them, and spill stuff on them, and what not – we can help them with their iPad repairs, too. (That goes for any model of iPad, also.)

So if your iPad starts acting funny, or develops a screen crack or some other problem – bring it by, and we’ll be sure to get it back on its feet in no time.  We have several iPad repair shops in the Atlanta area.

Not in Atlanta, no worries!  We offer mail in repairs, read our page on how to mail in your iPad for repair.

Call today for a free estimate!  We offer a price match guarantee if you can find anyone who charges less than we do for the same repair.  We also back our repairs with a 30 day guarantee.  If something happens or it isn’t working properly after the repair, we fix it for free.  (Some conditions apply.)

Bob Knows Phones™ ,actually BOB KNOWS!  He knows how to fix all things mobile, guaranteed!

Here Are Some Common Apple iPad Repairs We Do at Bob Knows Phones™

  • Replacing cracked LCD screens and glass
  • Replacing back panel
  • Replacing charger port
  • Liquid damage

iPad sure is a looker, so we hate to see you break yours. But hey, it happens. Don’t sweat it too hard, though: We repair all iPads at our Atlanta Buckhead office every day, 7 days a week.

For directions to our shop, click here. To chat with one of our specialists, give us call now at 678-298-3191, or send us an email.