Tech Tips: Broken iPhone, Android, and Smartphone Screens

Cracked iPhoneWith more and more devices made with glass touch panels today (iPhone we are looking at you) it is not surprising that broken screens are the number one most commonly damaged item on them. No doubt yourself or someone you know has had an iPhone, Android, or other smartphone that has looked like the one in this picture. In this article we will discuss prevention, and what to do should your phone become damaged in this way.

First things first, the best method of prevention is going to be awareness. Staying aware of where your phone is while it is on and around you can greatly reduce the risk of damage. One way to be aware of your device is by having a few safe storage locations in your car, home, and  work space that you always keep your device habitually to avoid disaster.

The next best level of protection will be an impact resistant case. Impact resistant cases come in all types, shapes, sizes, and colors, but the most important thing to remember when picking a case is going to be practicality. You will find many cases that might look better than others, be less expensive, or less bulky, but almost always you will get what you pay for. The less expensive cases are usually more cosmetic than protective, and will only protect from minor scratches. The more expensive cases will normally be a bit more bulky, but they will have the necessary elements to protect from not only scratches, but drops and other impact that could result from daily use. The most recommended cases are going to be cases like Lifeproof for iPhone, which is waterproof as well as impact resistant, as well as Ballistic, Otterbox, and lastly, Trident cases. By doing some general research and comparison you can easily be able to pick the one that is right for you. Once you have found the right one,  call or head on over to your local retailer to pick one up.

Now that we have discussed prevention, let’s discuss the worst case scenario. Let’s say that by chance your iPhone, Android, or other smartphone falls, or endures pressure or impact, what do you do? One option is to go with the insurance that you may have through your carrier. By weighing the amount that you have paid monthly since buying the phone plus the cost of the deductible, and time waiting for the replacement you may find that it is worth it to let your carrier replace the device through insurance. This will almost definitely be the case with Galaxy S models, and the Droid RAZR but for most models this may not always be the best option.

If you find that insurance replacement is out of the question then the next best option to consider would be repair. Most repairs can be accomplished for a fraction of the cost of replacement, and sometimes under the cost of insurance as well. The average screen repair runs roughly $90-$100 and a qualified repair professional can usually have your device back to life in a matter of an hour or two. Apple devices, such as the iPhone, and HTC devices are the most popular, and usually the most cost effective to repair.

Regardless which category you find yourself in, you should always consider all of your options to choose the best path for you. Considering the average situation, most people will find that repair is most always the better, and generally cheaper option. By checking reviews by people like you from sources like Google, and  other resources you can usually determine which repair professionals will be the most professional, and the best choice.