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The next smart phone to be released by Apple will almost certainly feature a larger display, according to reports from manufacturers in Asia published in the Wall Street Journal.

Ever since the iPhone first arrived on the scene back in 2007 each iteration of Apple`s smart phone has features a touch screen display measuring 3.5 inches across the diagonal.

The iPhone 4 launched in 2010 with a Retina Display, upping the native resolution but retaining the same screen area.

When the iPhone 4S was about to launch in 2011 some fans had hoped that Apple would be introducing a bigger screen for its fifth handset, but no such feature appeared.

Now for the iPhone 5, which will of course be technically ranked as the sixth major Apple smart phone, it looks like the Californian company will be taking a stance that is more in keeping with the times and creating a handset with a screen that is at least four inches in size.

While the information is still relatively vague, it does seem like a 4+ inch screen for the iPhone 5 is a certainty, because manufacturers are reporting that orders have been placed by Apple and production could begin within the next month ahead of an October launch.

HTC SensationAnyone who has been paying attention to the mobile market will have watched as Android-based smart phones have matched and then eclipsed the iPhone range from a technical point of view. In particular it has been the displays of high end Android models that have spiralled ever upwards in terms of size and resolution.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Note launched back in 2011 with 4.65 and 5.3 inch displays respectively, both of which were equipped with high definition resolutions.

More recently the HTC One X and now the Samsung Galaxy S3 have followed in their footsteps, both pushing close to the five inch diagonal measurement mark.

While the iPhone 5 may have a larger display, it seems unlikely at this time that Apple will bother to try and match its rivals blow for blow with a huge screen. Anything in the realm of four to 4.3 inches will be acceptable for fans, because if you get any larger then the portability of a handset begins to become somewhat compromised.

Another area of debate surrounding the iPhone 5 relates to the type of processor which will be found within it. Quad core CPUs have become a common feature of Android phones, but Apple has not always been that interested in getting into a technical arms race, as evidenced by the previous generations of the iPhone.

The iPhone 5 will at the very least have a dual core processor and it would not be surprising to see Apple transplant the third-gen iPad`s chip into its next smart phone release. But with affordable HTC Sensation deals bringing dual core performance to the masses, Apple will certainly need to make the fifth iPhone something special in order to remain in its dominant position.