It’s Gonna Happen – Check out Bob Knows Phones new TV Commercial!


It’s gonna happen. Someday you’ll drop your expensive phone into a …bucket of water. Ok, that’s really code for this (a toilet).

Or you’ll drop your iPhone or iPad and …crack the screen. So now what do you do?

Get a new one?

No. Get Bob!

Bob can fix your phone usually while you wait. Repairs are Guaranteed.

About Bob Knows Phones

Bob Knows Phones™ is a local Atlanta company that can fix your cracked screen, dry up that water damage, and do a dozen other cell phone repairs. Stop by and let us put in a new, original part on your phone. Drop off your smart phone at lunch -- and pick up on the way home, all fixed-up and shiny again. You’ll be surprised by what we can do at Bob Knows Phones™. Call us now at 678-298-3191 or email us at to ask a question, or get a free estimate. We are here 7 days a week.