Cell Phone Repair Atlanta

Bob Knows Phones can do your cell phone repair and get you back to work  in no time! Whether you live in the city of Atlanta or you are looking for someone who will accept cell phone repairs by mail, we will repair your cell phone quickly and professionally. Nothing is more frustrating than having a phone that isn’t working because of water damage, or a phone that won’t charge properly leaving you with a dead battery all the time. In Atlanta, cell phone repair is usually left undone, because if you go to your carrier they will charge an arm and a leg and probably require that you renew your contract. Bob Knows Phones guarantees that you will get friendly service and a repaired cell phone, and it’ll only cost you a few fingers.

Every type of cell phone available in Atlanta will have some problem at some time, and whether or not you need to fix it, somebody has probably brought that problem to us at Bob Knows Phones. That’s a complicated way of saying that we’ve seen it all. Yes, your pet may like your iPhone. Some dogs like an iPhone so much they’ll try to ingest one. Nobody ever admits to texting in the bathroom, but it happens and we can usually identify those phones that have been damaged by “water”. Perhaps you can’t use your ear buds anymore to make calls or listen to music and you just don’t know why. Another good one is when the home button on an iPhone just stops working. That problem can make for a very frustrated user.

Cell Phone Repair Guarantee

Yes, we can fix your phone. And if we can’t, for any reason, you will not be charged. We assess the damage to each phone free of charge and then we discuss the phone repair we believe your cell phone needs. Most of our services come at a fixed price, so you know even before you come in what you will probably pay for your cell phone to be repaired, assuming you are looking at the website closely.

If you need your cell phone repaired, or you know someone else in Atlanta who needs cell phone repair, think of Bob Knows Phones. We make sure that the people of Atlanta can get their phone back in action as quickly as possible, and we even give lessons in keeping your dog from loving your phone too much. Just kidding. That part is up to you.