Tech Tips: How Much Does Your iPhone Actually Cost You?

The costs and value of smartphones are a somewhat misunderstood subject in the eyes of most consumers. For the vast majority of consumers looking for a handset such as the iPhone, Android, or any other type of smartphone, signing a long-term contract with a cellular carrier is the norm, and can sometimes be the best deal. When you sign a two year contract with a major carrier you will get a pretty deep discount up front for an otherwise expensive handset such as the iPhone. Because of this system, there is a diminished handset value in the minds of most people, and you can possibly become trapped in an endless cycle of upgrades and contract extensions. In this article we will attempt to shed some new light on understanding the actual value of your phone, as well as why the contract system may not always be the best deal, and could be a thing of the past sooner than you think. [Read more…]

Tech Tips: Broken iPhone, Android, and Smartphone Screens

Cracked iPhoneWith more and more devices made with glass touch panels today (iPhone we are looking at you) it is not surprising that broken screens are the number one most commonly damaged item on them. No doubt yourself or someone you know has had an iPhone, Android, or other smartphone that has looked like the one in this picture. In this article we will discuss prevention, and what to do should your phone become damaged in this way.

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Tech Tips: What To Do About Fluid Damage

Phone In ToiletOur phones go with us everywhere, and sometimes they end up in a pool, puddle, or even a toilet. Fluid damage is the number two most common disaster when it comes to our phones only second to broken screens. In this article, we will talk about prevention, and the course of action to take should you ever find yourself with a fluid damaged device. [Read more…]