Do you know Bob? We do!

There’s a little bit of Bob in everyone who works in our repairs shops. He’s our favorite uncle who slipped us 20 bucks for gas when we were home from school. And, later told us to “stand up and fly straight” when we were hanging out with a bad crowd.

He is:

  • sometimes stern
  • but always reliable
  • someone to turn to for all the answers we can trust

When you need someone to help or ask “What should we do now?”  Bob knows.

To us Bob represents how we do things. It is setting up our store in a professional old school way. We do training and retraining on a variety of smart phones and tablets. Before we decide which phones we are going to fix, we thoroughly research all types and models of cell phones and tablets.  We want to know all of the intricacies involved in the repairs.

We go the extra mile!

  • We buy all types of smartphones, cell phones, ipads, tablets and iphones to study
  • We intimately investigate all of the parts
  • Using this research we set up techniques for repairing each model of smartphone and tablet.

Because we go to such extra lengths to provide quality service, we stand behind all of our repairs. Bob won’t be riding around in a car fixing phones in shopping center parking lots. He has a business where he stands behind his work. When you walk into a Bob Knows Phones cell phone repair shop, you know that you are going to walk away with a guaranteed fixed phone.  You can smile and laugh at the others standing in long lines and complaining about their service plans.

Our prices are fair and even cheaper than some service providers.

  • No work is done and no contract is signed without an estimate provided
  • Customers have seen a savings of up to 80% less than their current cell phone service providers

Throughout all our work there is a common thread of Bob’s ideals in who we are and what he believes in. Whether it is the professional way customers are treated or making sure all the technician’s tools are in the right place. At our core is a good person who always tries to do his best, treat people right, and if a mistake is made it is corrected to the best of our ability.

We hope you’ll get to know Bob soon, he is us!