We love our customers! 

That is why we want to offer them special coupons and discounts to keep their cell phones, ipads, tablets and even iphones running.  We are all very dependent on our electronics, life is lost without a cell phone.  Bob understands, which is why he offers a 30 day guarantee on all cell phone and ipad repairs.

Don’t want to be without your phone? 

No problem!  Come into one of our two convenient locations in Atlanta.  We can fix it while you wait, depending on how badly it is broken of course.  We have a full line of refurbished phones if you need to replace your phone.

Don’t live in Atlanta?

We have you covered!  Mail in your cell phone, ipad, tablet, or iphone.  We can fix it quickly and have you back up in no time.  All our mail in repairs are also guaranteed for 30 days and you can still use the discount.  We call you within 24 hours of receipt of your item via mail to discuss the repairs.  You will know exactly what it will cost to fix it and when it will be back in your hands.  No stress, no hassles of waiting in line at the repair shop!

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